Perfect Volume Request Email

Thanks Nate, I would feel better having you estimate volume. As requested, here are items as simple text pasted into email, ordered downward with largest items first, available measurements in cm.

sofa 216cm
bedframe with one mattress 180 x 215cm (dismantled)
17 black sacs 110L filled with clothing, pillows, yoga mats, rug
fridge freezer
washing machine
wardrobe 130 x 190cm (dismantled)
wooden table 169 x 78cm (dismantled)
4 wooden chairs
clothing box (0,4m3)
TV stand 118 x 60 x 35cm
3 metal drawers 70 x 44 x 54cm
2 XXXL boxes 42 x 78 x 56cm
4 XXL boxes 80 x 40 x 40cm
4 acrylic storage boxes large 56 x 44 x 39cm
3 large boxes 42 x 58 x 40cm (20kg)
2 med 80l boxes 60 x 34 x 33cm
6 small boxes 46 x 36 x 30cm
5 banana boxes 23 x 52 x 39cm
bonzai tree 52cm x 30cm
child's bicycle
bean bag chair 78 x 49cm
XL suitcase with fragile items 69x48x31cm
2 carry-on suitcases 58 x 39 x 21cm
2 speakers
2 medium sportsbags
2 rugs 134cm wide (rolled up)
2 rugs 34cm wide (rolled up)
mop, broom, bucket
standing mirror
2 paintings taped together facing inward
wardrobe rail (dismantled)
ironing board