Parking Tips - I generally recommend not contacting the city for an official space reservation, more needed for trucks longer than 7m. If the street is wide enough, a 3,5t van may double park or on sidewalk until a better position opens up, which is absolutely normal. Maybe twice, police grumbled I should have reserved with the city, then just asked I move forward half a meter off a bicycle path or clear a bus lane. Having the city officially block a space has a ~50% success rate, half the time neighbors parking there anyway. Instead putting a sign on a chair beside the space has an ~75% success rate, higher if that chair can then be moved directly into that space the day of the move, preferably along with with other junk. If you want closer to 100% certainty, have a car parked there until moving van arrival or put something else heavy/large there with note, or maybe a note on any car/s already parked there with your phone number, even a blanket thrown over them to draw attention. People understand moving day for their neighbors, don't want to inconvenience, but official parking restraints are less personable and so more often ignored, especially when blocked an entire half-day for no good reason or the signs are up two weeks and so ignored until that's habit. Official reservation also limits scheduling flexibility, which can make logistics trickier than necessary. After parking truck at +2000 addresses all over Europe, the worst problems were when the city blocked a space and it was ignored. The client then needed call the police out and deal with all that while I mostly carried alone, then moving the truck when the tow truck arrived before we could finally finish up loading the last bits. This happened a few times, the clients then apologizing for not believing my recommendation of not reserving with the city. Glad to work in whatever situation, I leave the decision up to clients and only twice was I glad for official blocking (London/Paris), and even then it would have worked out well enough, saving my client the city's ~80-120€ blocking fee.