T. Nathan Roane musician performance photo

T. Nathan Roane

composer, multi-instrumentalist, singer, audio engineer in Berlin, Germany

Music Composition BMU degree with classical and jazz training at Virginia Commonwealth University (USA), professional experience with choral composition, choir/band direction, and performance with voice, guitar, trumpet, flugelhorn, mandolin, clarinet, djembe, congas, harmonium pump organ, etc. Successful bands include ska with The Suitables, neo-gothic darkwave with Vehemence Realized, lush Arabic neofolk with Tanakh, evolving arabic-influenced folk style as T. Nathan Roane. Currently a dad while owning Truck and Man Movers Europe and Truck and Man Movers Berlin.
STUDIO INSTRUMENTS baritone voice, 1952 Silvertone archtop guitar, full reed pump organ, portable field pump organ, African djembes, acoustic bass, Indian harmonium, Egyptian clay doumbeks, Indian pakhawaj, Stradivarious trumpet, flugelhorn, Spanish classical guitar, half-size classical guitar, soprano flute, classical violin, Indian folk violins, Stroh phonofiddle violin, bongos, clarinet, Indian baby tabla set, various shakers, Memphis Tanglewood electric guitar, etc.

STUDIO EQUIPMENT Studio 17 laptop running Adobe Audition CS6, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 portable audio input, Audio Ease Altiverb 6 impulse response convolution reverb, Studio Projects C1 large condensor microphone, Rode NT5 matched pair small condenser microphones, huge and varied collection of Electro-Harmonix pedals, etc.

Art Show 2016

live folk rock covers

Neil Young 2008-2010

folk rock covers

Composer 2005-2008

folk arabic originals

Voiceover 2003-2013

voice demo

SongStealer 2003-2005

folk rock covers

Tanakh 1999-2000


VCU 1995-2002

classical choir

Vehemence Realized 1997-1999


The Suitables 1995-1997


Art Show

Neil Young


Voiceover Demo




Vehemence Realized

The Suitables